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Happy Bowie Day!!

Hey, I'm new to this group, which is quite frankly, insane. Anyway, I'm wishing you all a Happy Bowie Day! What do you do to celebrate his birthday? I've been listening to his music and watching his music videos, interviews, and movies all day-and night, obviously! Just now I lit a candle on a piece of yummy chocolate turtle cheesecake, sang some Space Oddity, and blew it out whilst singing, "Heeeeeeeere..." Ah. It was lovely. I've been meaning to go all-out one of these years, but, well, you know how things go. I owe him my life, for when I was a teenager I was severely depressed and suicidal at times, (note that I'm a newly minted 22-year-old) but "Rock 'N' Roll Suicide" spoke to me and told me I wasn't alone...anyway....yeah don't want to get teary-eyed but our David's kept me going for years now. ^_^ All hail to David Bowie!
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